DC Sales List
Sched Sale Date Sale Time County Address State City
2/28/2019 11:28AM District of Columbia 3303 Water Street NW Unit K-4 DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:06AM District of Columbia 2903 10th Street NE DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:10AM District of Columbia 729 Jefferson Street NW DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:12AM District Of Columbia 1809 24Th Place SE DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:18AM District of Columbia 618 Elmira Street SE DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:26AM District Of Columbia 858 HR Drive SE DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:00AM District of Columbia 5112 9th Street NW DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:08AM District Of Columbia 883 Barnaby Street SE DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:14AM District Of Columbia 2215 Hunter Place SE Unit 103 DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:04AM District Of Columbia 2116 38Th Street SE Unit A DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:02AM District Of Columbia 5348 Drake Place SE DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:16AM District Of Columbia 2400 20Th St Ne DC Washington
2/28/2019 11:22AM District Of Columbia 2938 M Street SE DC Washington
3/14/2019 11:02AM District Of Columbia 1505 Howard Road SE DC Washington
3/14/2019 11:00AM Washington County 1750 Poplar LN NW DC Washington
3/14/2019 11:06AM District Of Columbia 1509 R Street NW DC Washington
3/14/2019 11:04AM District Of Columbia 5808 Georgia Avenue NW DC Washington
3/28/2019 11:08AM District Of Columbia 808 I St NE DC Washington
3/28/2019 11:00AM District Of Columbia 4633 Greene Pl NW DC Washington
3/28/2019 11:04AM District Of Columbia 4662 Hillside Road Southeast DC Washington
3/28/2019 11:06AM District of Columbia 1220 47th Place NE DC Washington
3/28/2019 11:02AM District of Columbia 4527 Foote Street NE DC Washington